Monday, July 15, 2013

Fantastic Easy meal !

My family and I weren't up to the task of a meal. We all thought, well it must be a get it yourself night. Then I remembered  my bzzcampaign to try Kroger Fried Chicken Free! Off to the store I went. I went to the deli and grabbed some fresh and hot Kroger Fried Chicken. I was given the option of white and dark meat or just dark meat. We went for the dark meat! Thighs are a family favorite. I was in and out of the deli area in no time flat. I grabbed some delicious Hawaiian rolls to round off my meal. Then off to get some chips. I grabbed some BBQ kettle chips another awesome Kroger favorite. On my way out of the store I grabbed a bottle of coke. I was in and out of the store in about 10 minutes! You cant cook anything this yummy at home that quick. I ran home and got the family fed. It was delicious! My favorite part admittedly was the chicken. Kroger fried chicken was there waiting for me.  It was clearly hot and fresh. When I got home there was no prep work needed. It was really nice to get to grab it out of the box plate it up and sit down to spend time with my family instead of my stove. The flavor is phenomenal. If you like KFC you will love Kroger. This chicken was moist, tender and delicious. The chicken was far less greasy than other chicken restaurants. I felt good feeding this to my family knowing it was from a store instead of a fast food place. My whole family enjoyed it. They also liked the chips and coke! The chips were very flavorful and delightfully crunchy. The coke added a cool and refreshing treat to our meal Overall I will definitely be returning to our local King Soopers when we are all too tired to cook, or want a quick family meal.

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