Saturday, November 17, 2012

Eggies - the good the bad and the ugly.

Hey all. I am having a party this weekend for Lia Sophia jewelery. I am pretty excited it should be a good time! One of the things I am serving is egg salad sandwiches. I thought to myself, what a perfect opportunity to try out those Eggies I bought a couple months ago and never used! For starters, I am not the best boiled egg peeler. Also, I HATE eggshell surprises in my egg salad. So I thought I'd give it a try. The Eggies are pretty straight forward, you coat them with oil, assemble them and then pour an egg. You then put the lid on and set them in the pan where they float and boil. So I followed the directions thoroughly coating the Eggies with oil and setting them into the water. So here it is, the good the bad and the ugly. 

The Good

The good thing about Eggies is you will never have a shell problem. Also, you do have a flat side of the egg if you are going for a certain presentation. Finally, the Eggies are dishwasher safe for clean up. This is really all I can think of as bonuses. 

The Bad

After experiencing the Eggies first hand I can think of several down sides. For starters, if you buy them at the store as I did you only get 6 in a box. So you can only do 6 eggs at a time. Also, the assembly is tedious. Each Eggie has four parts that need to be oiled and assembled. Probably the worst part of the Eggies themselves that I found was that they were poor quality. Lets be real, these are little plastic pieces that are cheaply made. Two of my Eggies came apart and would not screw together tightly.

The Ugly

My eggs did not turn out pretty at all as shown in the perfect deviled eggs pictures. First, two of the eggs never made it past 2 minutes because they popped apart in the pan and caused a mess . Below is what it looked like.

Eggies - The Ugly
When I did take the survivors out of the pan and let them cool the problems continued. The first thing I noticed was that there was water on the top of the egg. The eggs were watery in spots. When I went to removed the Eggs they didn't slide out easily as I expected. They had to be smacked out or taken out with a spoon. Then the eggs also weren't smooth and pretty. The eggs looked similar to eggs that obviously were hard to peel. 


Needless to say, after one batch of the Eggies I decided to do my eggs the old fashion way. However, if you already bought some, or really want to try them out I have some tips from trial and error. First, screw the rings on as tight as you can to prevent them from popping open. Second, use a cooking spray and really coat the Eggies so they don't stick. Finally, add a little vinegar to your water. If the Eggies do come open you wont have egg everywhere and the eggs will stay a little tighter.

If you have other tips or a better experience please share it with us in the comments! As for me, I'm taking my broken Eggies back to the store!

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