Friday, November 16, 2012

Spa Water

So, for my first real post I decided to talk about spa water. Spa water is all the rage these days. People are trying to lose weight, cut back on soda, stay healthier and so on. The spa water trend is interesting as most of us have had it in some fashion before and not even known it. Ever had water with lemon at a restaurant? That is spa water at its simplest. Spa water is simply fruit and or herb infused water. That said, the best rule of thumb for spa water is to keep it simple! Below I will discuss some of the benefits of infused water or spa water, the fruit , the herbs, the needed/useful tools and  my personal favorite combination.

Benefits of Spa Water

The benefits of spa water vary with the ingredients used. Some of the benefits can include; digestion aid, detox/cleansing, urinary tract health, and many other vitamins and nutrients. Some of the overall benefits to spa water (when switching from soda) are weightloss, decrease in sugar intake, and better hydration.


Digestive Aids:

  • Ginger
  • Mint
  • Apples (due to fiber)
  • Lemon

Detox / Cleansing

  • Berries ( most berries have antioxidants)
  • Pomegranate
  • Cranberries (urinary tract)

Other Vitamins and Nutrients

  • Citrus is high in vitamin C
  • Orange-fleshed are a source of beta carotene
  • Watermelon is an  source of lycopene
  • Pit fruits such as nectarines, plums and cherries contain potassium, vitamin C and sometimes beta carotene.
For addition information on benefits of fruits visit

The Fruits:

When picking fruit think of any fruit you would like to drink in another format. Do you like orange juice ? Oranges would be great! Are your favorite fruits a peach? Throw some in your water. Most fruits work well in infused waters. Stay away from bananas they turn to mush and do not give your water much flavor. For sweeter water choose sweeter fruits as your water will have no added sugars. You may ask, fresh or frozen. When fresh fruit is in season I tend to stick with that. However, if you want some blackberries in your water while they are out of season, going with the frozen will give you a better end result. Frozen fruits are picked at an ideal time and frozen immediately so they are often in pique condition. In the end you can use either. Some fruit options to consider are; any and all citrus, any and all berries, melon, apples, kiwi, pineapple and many others.

The Herbs:

On the same line with herbs you can use anything you want. I will provide some examples of combinations below but most of what I have found is simple trial and error. Also, if you don't care for an herb in cooking don't use it in your water! Herbs can release a very strong flavor so also test out quantity. When using herbs in your water go for fresh herbs, dry doesn't so much and also is harder to strain out. You can either use full sprigs or pull the leaves off and only put in leaves that is up to your preference again. Some options you can try out are rosemary, mint, sage, and thyme.

The Tools:

There are several tools that will help in making your spa water. There are even more expensive and specialised tools if you get really into it. The bottom line is that you really only need a glass or pitcher, some fruit, a knife to cut it with and maybe a spoon to mash it. Beyond the basics are an infusing pitcher, muddle, blender or personalized infusion bottles. An infusing pitcher is a pitcher to put your water in with a specialized section for fruit and herbs that has a straining quality. A muddle is a long handled tool meant to crush and release the flavor of your fruits and herbs ( a spoon works too ). Some people prefer to blend their fruits down in order to consume the pulp so a blender would come in handy. Finally a personal infusion bottle is the same as a pitcher but is personalized and small enough for on the go use. I have pictured the muddle, the infusion pitcher and the personal infusion bottle below.

How to make spa water:

Choose your fruit and herb combinations, muddle or mash to desired consistancy with a spoon or muddler. You can add as much fruit and herbs as you like. I tend to go with about 2 cups of fruit and a sprig or so for a whole pitcher. When I am making a single glass I just visualize it. Remember the intensity of the fruits and herbs you are adding! Then add water and ice if desired. Ice on the top of your infused water can help strain your infusions when you poor. These waters look and taste great! Below are some of my favorite combinations.

Watermelon and mint - great for summer
Blackberry and sage - I love this for fall or summer its very earthy tasting.
Strawberry ginger - This is my go to for a sweet water.
Cucumber lime - It doesnt get any more clean and refreshing than this!

Please feel free to comment and let me know your favorite spa water creations! If you have any questions regarding spa water, the tools or specific combinations ill be sure to answer any comments!

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